Writing Essay About Friendship

FriendShipWhy do we need friends in our lives? We have our family and partners to whom we can tell our problems and discuss. What is the purpose of having close friends and develop friendships with the people around us? These are some questions which might trouble your readers. Euripides, one of the famous philosophers, said that “friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness”. Therefore, it becomes clear that we need friends to survive in this world and keep us with a positive mindset. Writing an essay about friendship shouldn’t be something difficult. If you follow the steps below it will become extremely easy to write an essay about such an interesting topic.

Writing Essay About Friendship

1. Decide who are you writing for

Before you start writing the essay about the friendship you need to decide who is your target audience. Even though this is a topic which can interest a wide audience, you need to clearly decide what is the segment of people you are addressing your message. You can write your essay for a young audience or you can address your messages to more experienced people. In addition, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the person who is going to read your essay. Based on this, you will be able to adjust your tone and the way your structure your paragraphs.

2. Write down your ideas

There is plenty of material available online on friendship. Therefore, you might be overwhelmed by all the articles you read and the ideas that come into your mind. One of the best things you can do is to write down any idea that pops up into your head and have always a pen and paper next to you. In addition, you can also organize brainstorming sessions where you can review all the ideas you have on this topic and decide which are the most relevant for your essay. Furthermore, all the ideas which you extract from different sources will help you build your personal view on the subject.

3. Start writing the first draft

Once you have noted down and feel you have enough information on the topic, you can start writing the first draft. Even though you feel that you don’t have a clear structure for the moment, this doesn’t mean that you cannot try writing the first draft. Start with a unique and intriguing introduction about friendship, making your readers curious and awakening their reading appetite. You will continue with the essay’s body where you will detail everything you want to say about the topic and also include your personal view on the importance of friendship.

End up with a conclusion which will summarize your ideas and give your reader a clear view on what friendship means for any individual. However, if you follow this structure, this doesn’t mean that you won’t adjust your first draft. When you start writing, you will notice how your ideas change from one phrase to the other. Don’t be afraid to delete paragraphs and write others instead. On the other hand, if you want to avoid all the stress, you can collaborate with professional writers. For example, the team at Get Academic Help can help you write an engaging essay for your audience.

4. Ask others to review your essay

Once you finished writing your essay on friendship, you can always ask for a second opinion. Friends can be a valuable set of eyes who can give you sincere feedback. Give them the freedom to come with any adjustments they feel would work great for your essay. In addition, they might discover some additional errors which you might have missed when you did the last check. Don’t be ashamed of your writing and be open to receive feedback from the people around you.

We are living times when people are very superficial. Therefore, having a true friend can become very challenging. A friendship brings a lot of benefits for both sides. So, writing an essay about friendship should tell your readers how important it is to have some close friends, to trust them, and consider them as important as your family. A true friend is irreplaceable and this should be clearly stated in your essay.

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